How many grinds of a pepper grinder is 1 tsp.?

Answer Though it depends on the pepper mill and the person doing the grinding, on average, it takes about 160 turns of the grinder to produce enough of the spice to fill 1 tsp.References:Writer's Own Calc... Read More »

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How do I add used coffee grinds to pepper plants?

Cooling Coffee GroundsAllow the used coffee grounds to cool. Get the pepper plant ready by removing dirt with the help of a spade.Sprinkling Coffee GroundsSprinkle coffee grounds in the pepper plan... Read More »

Can a pepper mill be used as a coffee grinder?

Pepper mills may be used as coffee grinders. However, you shouldn't use them for both pepper and coffee. Avoid flavor cross-over by dedicating a grinding unit for a specific purpose, or be sure to ... Read More »

Can you grind pepper in a Himalayan pink salt grinder?

On One Hand: Different Grinding RequirementsSalt and pepper require different grinding mechanisms for optimal performance. Peppercorns are hard kernels that will wear out a mechanism over time, so ... Read More »

What pepper is hotter jalapeno pepper or a Chile pepper?

I believe that a jalapeño pepper is a type of chili pepper. Um it is