How many grapes are in a serving size?

Answer A serving of grapes is 1 cup, which amounts to 15 grapes in a serving and yields around 62 calories. The CDC recommends that you eat five servings of fruits and vegetables per day.Source:Peer Train... Read More »

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How many cups is a serving size of chili?

The serving size of chili ranges from 1 to 2 cups, depending on recipe and from where one receives the chili. Many recipes allot 1 cup per serving, though for vegetarian and chicken chili recipes i... Read More »

How to calculate serving size?

The way you calculate a serving size...One of two ways by US weight and measure, and it varies depending on the food product and prep. Or you can do it the old fashioned southern hospitality way of... Read More »

What is the serving size on a big bag of m&m's?

Ever since M&M's were introduced to servicemen during World War II, kids and adults have enjoyed the colorful candy. One serving size of M&M's is 30 pieces or 21g. A serving has 103 calories, 4.4g... Read More »

How much of a serving size is in soup?

While the optimum serving size for soup depends on personal preference, most soup labels consider 1/2 cup, or 4 fluid ounces, to equal one serving. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration may force s... Read More »