How many grandparents over 60 adopt there grandchildernin Oregon?

Answer Not without the legal system involved.Not without the legal system involved.

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Grandparents Legal Rights in Oregon?

For many grandparents, forming a bond with their grandchildren is very precious. To not be able to see or visit a grandchild can be emotionally scarring and stressful. In the state of Oregon, grand... Read More »

In Oregon can a stepparent adopt the children?

Does illegal father has more rights than grandparents Father wants full custody child's been living with grandparents for four years in AZ?

As an illegal, he probably does not have access to the legal system. The grandparents should probably determine if the father is a fit parent and, if so, do the right thing.

How to Celebrate Grandparents' Day when Your Grandparents Are All Dead?

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