How many grams of sugar can be eaten on a low glycemic diet?

Answer According to, "...research has shown that about 5 tablespoons of refined sugar may be consumed per day without compromising blood sugar control..." Per, 1 tsp... Read More »

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Is 126 grams of sugar (28 of those grams are from fruit) a lot to have in one day if you are very active?

Instead of focusing on sugar (one ingredient among many) I would refocus to push out every last bit of ADDED or processed sugar you can from your diet. How do you tell the difference? Well, an appl... Read More »

What can I eat on a low glycemic diet?

A low glycemic diet features foods that do not have much sugar or simple sugars. This type of diet is particularly beneficial for people with diabetes or hypoglycemia, and generally good most peopl... Read More »

what is the glycemic diet?

Glycemic diets are based on the Glycemic Index---a rating system that categorizes and recommends foods according to their effect on blood sugar. Popular glycemic-based diets include South Beach, Th... Read More »

What is a high-glycemic diet?

The body ingests carbohydrates and converts them into glucose. Carbohydrates increase blood sugar levels through a process known as a glycemic response.Glycemic Measurement FactorsA variety of fac... Read More »