How many grams of sugar can a diabetic have per day?

Answer According to Lisa M. Kelley, a nurse who is also a diabetic, 15 milligrams or 200 calories of sugar a day should suffice. Sugar combined with protein is very beneficial for diabetics. Carbohydrate... Read More »

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How many grams of sugar per day should a diabetic have?

It depends on what type of sugar. Fructose from fruits (not high fructose corn syrup in sodas) has a fraction of the glycemic index of table sugar. I consume between 100 and 125 grams of it a day (... Read More »

How many grams of sugar should you be consuming per 100 grams?

Answer It all depends on what the food/drink is. If it is anything containing real fruit or contains a natural (meaning from a fruit) sugar you can have as much as you want. If it is something else... Read More »

Is 126 grams of sugar (28 of those grams are from fruit) a lot to have in one day if you are very active?

Instead of focusing on sugar (one ingredient among many) I would refocus to push out every last bit of ADDED or processed sugar you can from your diet. How do you tell the difference? Well, an appl... Read More »

How many grams of sugar should I eat per day?

There is absolutely no requirement for refined sugar in your diet. Studies suggest that refined sugars, oils, fats, and dairy products are correlated with cancer tumor growth. It's best to avoid tr... Read More »