How many grams of fat is an adult supposed to have in a day?

Answer The average adult should consume 2,200 calories per day. Only 25 to 30 percent of calories should be from fat and seven percent from saturated fat. Discovery Health guidelines indicate that the ave... Read More »

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Just what was the character Howdy Doody Supposed to be he a child or adult was he mentally retarded like Baby Huey what was Howdy all about anyhow?

Is 126 grams of sugar (28 of those grams are from fruit) a lot to have in one day if you are very active?

Instead of focusing on sugar (one ingredient among many) I would refocus to push out every last bit of ADDED or processed sugar you can from your diet. How do you tell the difference? Well, an appl... Read More »

How many grams of sugar should you be consuming per 100 grams?

Answer It all depends on what the food/drink is. If it is anything containing real fruit or contains a natural (meaning from a fruit) sugar you can have as much as you want. If it is something else... Read More »

Can a younger adult sister sit on her older adult brother's lap just for fun and with innocent intention?

When that is done, something dirty is normally implyed, so therefore I must say no. If siblings do stuff like that with one another, that is called incest, which is discusting. People in the olden ... Read More »