How many grams does a marijuana plant produce?

Answer There are a LOT of variables. One plant can produce ounces or pounds of bud, depending on the strain, the environment, the care, the length of growing period, etc.You'll be better off doing researc... Read More »

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How many ounces does a marijuana plant produce?

This all depends on the factors attributed to the growing, strain and time. some plants grown quickly may yield as little as a couple of grammes, a large plant that has be allowed to mature properl... Read More »

How many grams of marijuana usually are in a dime bag?

wow. A dime bag!! you must be like a dealer or something.look. I'm hep to your young peoples lingo, dude. If your getting a dime bag of the reefer just make sure you don't get into a bad trip or fr... Read More »

How many pineapples does a pineapple plant produce?

A pineapple plant only produces one fruit, then the mother plant dies. The mother plant will produce a number of "pups" at the base of the plant that can be detached and planted to make more pineap... Read More »

How many megawatts of power does a nuclear power plant produce?

Each nuclear power plant produces a different amount of megawatts, based on the design of the plant. The capacity of nuclear power plants in the United States in 2008 ranged from 482 megawatts at t... Read More »