How many grades are in a Chinese school?

Answer The grade levels in China are similar to those in the United States. School is required for nine years, from age 6 until 15, which is their primary and junior middle school. Then there is an option... Read More »

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How many grades are in high school?

In the United States the typical high school has four grades: freshman (ninth grade), sophomore (10th), junior (11th) and senior (12th). There are exceptions, such as private and boarding schools, ... Read More »

G.E.D. is equivalent to how many grades in high school?

Are high school grades a good predictor of college grades?

On One Hand: Good Grades Equal Good FutureSeveral factors can play a part in determining future success--in college and beyond. A high grade point average is a critical factor in determining what c... Read More »

Are high school grades good indicators of college grades?

On One Hand: Testing May Be ReliableAccording to a research study conducted by UC Berkeley's Center for Studies in Higher Education, there's a "widespread perception" that standardized tests, not h... Read More »