How many goldfish do I need for a stir-fry?

Answer a good 4 or 5 fat ones per guest lmao

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Do i need to stir Kilz primer?

On One Hand: Shaken at the StoreKilz makes a wide variety of oil-based primers. They cover stains and knots in wood that that will penetrate other types of paints. You can have your can of Kilz sha... Read More »

Do goldfish need the light on all the time?

On One Hand: Goldfish Need a Circadian RhythmAlthough goldfish are domesticated fish, they descend from the wild Crussian carp, according to the American Goldfish Association. Many goldfish are diu... Read More »

Do goldfish need light at night?

On One Hand: Sudden Changes in Light Are BadGoldfish do not have eyelids and can't protect their eyes against sudden changes in light. Living in a small bowl or tank is stressful enough; flipping ... Read More »

Things You Will Need for Breeding Goldfish?

The Chinese developed goldfish around 400 AD. Since then, a variety of strains has been produced and the enthusiast can spawn all of these goldfish types if the fish are offered certain living cond... Read More »