How many glasses of beer in a half-keg?

Answer A half-keg, also known as a half-barrel, is the largest variety of keg. It contains 15.5 gallons of beer. That converts to approximately 165 twelve-ounce glasses of beer. Other keg sizes include th... Read More »

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How many glasses of beer can come out of a keg?

The number of glasses you can get from one keg of beer depends on the amount of beer you pour into each glass and the size of the keg. For a standard half-keg, the 15 1/2 gallon size most people pu... Read More »

How many beer drinkers truly love beer and how many are just bandwagon jumpers?

Wow sorry to hear that. I am an A!! I love Beer, I love to try new beers and I love to just taste beer. I dont really drink beer to get drunk I drink for the taste. There are so many types. I say ... Read More »

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How many cases of beer cans are equivalent to a beer keg?

A keg by U.S. specifications holds 1984.0 ounces of beer. A case of beer with 24 twelve ounce cans contains 288 ounces of beer. With those numbers it would take 6.89 cases of beer to equal the am... Read More »