How many glass bottles of stella to get drunk?

Answer Depends on how big you are and your tolerance to alcohol.Don't know why you would want to drink wife beater though unless you're a chav or just have no taste in lager.

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I've just drunk two cans of Stella. Should I drink a third?

No save the third for tommorrow..............drink the fourth instead!

How many bottles to get drunk?

I rarely take only 10 minutes to drink one beer after another consistently. My first beer might be slammed in five to ten minutes, but after that I coast at 15-30 minutes per beer usually. And, bey... Read More »

Lm 15, lm 5ft 2 and Ive never drank before how many bottles of WKD will it take for me to get drunk?

People think its to do with their height or age, its not. Its more to do with your body weight and how fast you can process food.I have a high-metabolism meaning I eat and eat, but never get fat be... Read More »

How are glass bottles manufactured?

Glass bottles have been made for thousands of years. They once were made only individually, by glass blowers who melted sand, sodium carbonate, and lime at very high temperatures. Glass bottles ar... Read More »