How many glaciers are in the world?

Answer Last updated in 2009, the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colorado, holds a database containing The World Glacier Inventory, with records of just more than 100,000 glaciers throughout... Read More »

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What Are Six Types of Glaciers?

A glacier is a large perennial body of ice formed when snow is repeatedly deposited and, over time, turned to ice. Although the vast majority of glacial ice is stored at the poles, glaciers can be ... Read More »

Science Projects on Glaciers?

Glaciers are a fascinating topic for many students. What they are, how they form, how they impact the land around them, how icebergs break away from them: These are all questions for earth science ... Read More »

Alaskan Helicopter Tours of the Glaciers in Juneau?

Alaska is known for its glaciers, wildlife and natural beauty. Across the state a variety of opportunities exist to enjoy this beauty, including helicopter tours of Juneau. The helicopter tours are... Read More »

How to Make Ice Glaciers From Foam Insulation for a Snow Village?

Making miniature villages requires time, effort, and terrain supplies. Terrain features can be purchased from specialty stores and websites; however, this is a very expensive route to take. Glacier... Read More »