How many girls do you know between the ages of 12 and 15 that don't wear makeup?

Answer I see plenty of girls in the school where I teach who don't wear makeup, maybe even more than girls who do.

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Do guys like when girls dont wear makeup?

meh i dont know how girls look without makeup they have makeup on 99.9% of the time so i wouldn't have a clue they would probably still look like humans without makeup not too sure though

Girls that wear makeup, what do you think of girls that dont wear it?

♥ ♥ its a personal choice so we should not care whether they wear make up or not...♥ ♥

Should girls ages 13-15 be wearing makeup?

If a girl is really pretty she doesnt need make up. Make up is a big turn off. Natural is much more attractive. Although i must admit i dont really find moustaches very attractive on girls ....:P

Im 14 and i dont wear makeup?

not at all :) some girls looks better without, and i have some friends that dont wear makeup and there 16. And no one thinks there weird :p