How many gigawatts of energy do windmills produce?

Answer The cumulative energy output of the world's windmills is an estimated 59.1 gigawatts, according to the Global Wind Energy Council in 2005. Each size and design has different outputs in different lo... Read More »

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How Many Gigawatts of Power Does One House Use?

Electricity is often measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh), however it can easily be converted to gigawatts, either through simple math or via Internet conversion tools. Tracking your own energy use by ... Read More »

How fast do energy windmills spin?

Windmills come in different sizes. The smaller the windmill, the faster it spins. Ideally, a windmill should spin at a rate of five times faster than the wind speed, so if the wind is traveling at... Read More »

Are windmills the only source of wind energy?

Yes, windmills or wind machines represent the only source of wind energy. Two types of wind machines exist: horizontal-axis wind machines, which look like traditional windmills, and vertical-axis w... Read More »

Windmills As Energy Sources in the United States?

Wind energy is a growing alternative resource in the United States. In areas where the weather is fitting and the geography makes it possible, windmills are sprouting up that convert the wind in th... Read More »