How many gigabytes should you get in iphone4?

Answer yes but you will need to unlock it.

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How many gigabytes are in a yottabyte?

Five Thousand Trillion Gigabytes..What files do you have that take up that much space?And its actually 1,208,925,819,614,629,174,706,176 bytesThe Worlds computers all combined, have an approximated... Read More »

How many GIGABYTES in 710,000 KYLOBYTES?

Using Approximate values:1000 KB = 1 MB1000 MB = 1 GBso : 710,000 / 1000 = # of MBs = 710 MB710 / 1000 = # of GBs = 0.71 Gigabytes

How many gigabytes in the IPhone 4?

You can get it with 16GB (£480) or 32GB (£580)Hope this helps :)

How many gigabytes is 75.072265625 kbs?