How many generators do jet planes have?

Answer Modern, twin-engine jet aircraft feature a generator on both engines and a power generator (also known as an auxiliary power unit, or APU) located in the tail section. While the engines are running... Read More »

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Are navy planes military planes?

Yes but these military planes are flown by navy pilots or military pilots.

Are gas or electric generators better?

On One Hand: Cost DifferenceGas and electric generators may initially be similar in terms of price, but over a long period, gas generators will probably be cheaper. According to, in ... Read More »

Generators That Run on Waste Oil?

Motorized generators can be used to create electricity directly or create steam which can then be used to turn a crankshaft. Generators can run on just about any type of fuel, including gasoline, d... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot RV Generators?

Problems with your RV's (recreational vehicle's) generator will cause problems on your next camping trip if they are not fixed. Knowing what to look for and what to fix will ensure that your genera... Read More »