How many generations of cephalosporins are there?

Answer Cephalosporins are a class of antibiotics that are used to kill bacteria by preventing them from being able to produce a cell wall. Cephalosporins include four different generations, and each gener... Read More »

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How many generations of ipod nanos are there?

There are six generations of iPod Nanos as of February 2011. The Nano finds its niche in its tiny frame, compared to the larger iPod Classic. The first generation unit released in 2005.References:A... Read More »

How many generations of iPhone?

no there is no any way to make n72 3g. I have already a n72.

How many generations might come together at a family reunion?

If you assume that each generation had a child at the age of 18 and the eldest was 90 years old, then there would be 6 generations at the reunion. This can be greater if the eldest is older than 90... Read More »

Poll: How many generations of video card do you wait before upgrading?

- I buy a new laptop every 18 months, and ensure I get the necessary video card for the latest games..