How many gallons of whiskey do I need to drink to forget that it's the holidays?

Answer Its teh holedays?Wen did thsi happin?!!

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How many glasses of whiskey shall I drink today?

How do I explain to my girlfriend that, (1) you're supposed to drink fluids when sick, (2) whiskey is a fluid?

Lay off the whiskey and try this drink my friend in college created. 1/2 shot silver tequila, 1/2 shot of creme de menthe. We called it a Green Ed, named for the creator. You can tell your girlfrie... Read More »

How many Gallons of water would you have to drink to overdose?

How many gallons of water will an average human drink in a life time?

The average human drinks about 75,000 liters of water during a lifetime. This is equivalent to 19,812.9 gallons of water. The average healthy person should drink about 2 liters (about half a gall... Read More »