I have a 25 liter (5.5 gallons) fermenter i intend to do a 30 bottle 22.5 liters (5 gallons) wine kit i dont?

Answer Yes, this can work. When at 10 days you transfer the wine out then back into the first fermenter do not pour it, siphon it. At that point aeration will produce negative taste components; do it gent... Read More »

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How many gallons are in a dry ton?

A dry ton measures mass - specifically, 2,000 lbs of a material containing no moisture. A gallon measures volume. To convert between the two, divide 2,000 by the the material's density in pounds pe... Read More »

How many kiloliters in a liter?

Since kilo means  "thousand" then there would be 1/1000th of a kiloliter in one liter or 0.001 kiloliters = 1.0 liters

How many gallons is 5 quarts?

Since one gallon equals four quarts, there are 1.25 gallons in five quarts. Quarts and gallons are used in the United States as a measurement of volume. Gallons and quarts can be broken down into o... Read More »

How many gallons are in a ton of palm oil?

Palm oil has a density of about 0.914 grams per cubic centimeter. With this conversion rate, that means there are 273.5 gallons, or 1,094 liters, in a ton of palm oil.Source:Bio Fuels: Conversion F... Read More »