How many oysters are in a bushel?

Answer Oyster growers shuck and sort their harvest by size, measuring them according to strict industry standards established by the FDA. One gallon of oyster meat equals one bushel, no matter whether you... Read More »

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How many oysters per bushel?

A bushel of oysters contains anywhere between 200 to 300 oysters, depending on their size. Many oystermen consider a bushel a measurement of weight. Typically, a bushel of oysters will weigh betw... Read More »

How many blue crabs are in a bushel?

When buying blue crabs by the bushel, customers can specify the desired size of crab. Blue crabs are available in jumbo, large or regular sizes. According to, a bushel of jumbo blue c... Read More »

How many pounds of pole beans are in a bushel?

A bushel is a dry measurement equal to 2152.42 cubic inches. There are 28 lbs. of pole beans in a bushel. By comparison, there are 30 lbs of snap beans in a bushel.References:University of North Ca... Read More »

How many pounds are in a bushel of steamer clams?

There are 50 lbs. in a bushel of steamer clams. You can expect to pay around $170 to $230 for a bushel of steamer clams. You can steam clams using a white wine base, flavored with butter, parsley, ... Read More »