How many galaxies have been discovered?

Answer Astronomers have surveyed approximately 100,000 galaxies so far. NASA's Hubble Space Telescope camera has observed about 3,000 visible galaxies. The rest were surveyed with radio telescopes, infrar... Read More »

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How many galaxies have been found?

Scientists have found and photographed via telescope millions of galaxies. According to NASA, "scientists estimate that there are more than 100 billion galaxies scattered throughout the visible uni... Read More »

How many human mummies have been discovered in Egypt?

The number of human mummies discovered in Egypt is unknown because many mummies were desecrated or destroyed after the fall of the Egyptian empire, according to King Tut One. They were destroyed by... Read More »

Who discovered irregular galaxies?

The first known irregular galaxy discovery was made by Johann Elert Bode on December 31, 1774. Bode discovered Messier 82, which is an irregular, cigar-shaped galaxy in Ursa Major, along with three... Read More »

How many different galaxies do we have?

In 1999, the Hubble Space Telescope estimated the universe contained 125 billion galaxies. As observations increase and scientists explore more of the universe, the number of galaxies detected will... Read More »