How old are most galaxies?

Answer As of June 2010, observed galaxies in the universe range in age from 500 million years to more than 10 billion years old. The average age of a galaxy depends on its location. Galaxies throughout th... Read More »

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How many different galaxies do we have?

In 1999, the Hubble Space Telescope estimated the universe contained 125 billion galaxies. As observations increase and scientists explore more of the universe, the number of galaxies detected will... Read More »

How many galaxies can be seen?

Within the visible universe, which has a radius of approximately 14 billion light years, there are 350 billion large galaxies and 7 trillion dwarf galaxies. Galaxies tend to congregate in groups ca... Read More »

How many other galaxies are there?

Some research indicates as many as 500 billion other galaxies may exist in the known universe. However, more conservative estimates place the number in the 100 to 200 billion range. Data from the H... Read More »

How many galaxies are out there?

As of 2010, scientists are not really sure how many galaxies exist, because we see more and more as technology improves, according to NASA. However, the universe may contain as many as 500 billion ... Read More »