How many friends do you have on facebook?

Answer 48 or so

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Can my friends view how many friends i have on facebook?

yes, they will be. It is listed under the "My friends" box on your profile. Though I think there may be a way to make that box invisible. don't sweat it though, everyone knows new-bees to Facebook ... Read More »

How many Facebook friends do you have?

So, how many friends do you have on facebook hm?

125? I don't like it when people add others and don't talk to them. These sorts of people only want to be your friend for the sake of getting a bigger friend number. Sillies. -_¬

How can people on myspace and facebook have so many friends?

Some people just add whoever, so it looks like they know a lot of people when in actuallity they know like 10. Its a big popularity contest.