How many frames are in a minute of video?

Answer 24 frames per second (standard) would be 1440 frames per minute.

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What are some good video ideas for a 5 minute comedy for my video class (High Scool)?

This could be cheesy, but any of your favorite book/movie characters trying something totally American for the first time- Darth Vader trying to eat fast food, Harry Potter in a taxi or elevator, s... Read More »

How many gigabytes in a video Like say a 2 hour movie or a 3 minute music video?

You can figure approximately 4.7 gigabytes for a 2 hour DVD and around 10 megabytes per second for a 3 minute video, on average. There's really too many factors to consider, like full video encodi... Read More »

How to turn 20 hours of video into a 10 minute time lapse video?

You need to edit and cut most of the static time (when nothing happens) after that you can speed up the video, but remember, if you try to compress 20 Hrs into 10 Min it my look like going at light... Read More »

How do I extract video frames from movies?

Import the MovieImport the movie into a video editing software program such as Adobe Premiere, Windows Movie Maker or iMovie. Navigate to the exact frame that you want to extract. Go to "FILE," "Ex... Read More »