How many floors are on a StairMaster StepMill?

Answer During a workout, the StairMaster StepMill will give a reading of the number of "floors" you've climbed, which is just an approximation because StepMill does not actually "have" floors itself. It h... Read More »

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Stepmill Vs. Treadmill?

Most gyms have both treadmills and stepmills, yet it is the stepmill that is most often left empty. Although the stepmill and the treadmill are two very different cardio machines, when used correct... Read More »

Who created the Stairmaster?

The Stairmaster was created by Lanny Potts in 1983. The first version of the fitness machine was the StairMaster 5000, introduced by a company called Tri-Tech during a trade show for the National S... Read More »

What is the oil used to grease a StairMaster?

StairMaster manufactures four varieties of fitness equipment in many different models. Each variety has individual maintenance instructions. 30W oil is recommended by the manufacturer to lubricate ... Read More »

What muscles does the stairmaster work?

The StairMaster is a popular exercise machine that allows the user to get a workout by simulating climbing stairs continuously. StairMasters primarily work the muscles of the legs and the heart.Pur... Read More »