What are the best bubble tea flavors?

Answer Try orange.

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How many flavors are there in bubble gum Blow Pops?

Charms Blow Pops come in 14 different flavors. The traditional flavors include: cherry, grape, sour apple, strawberry and watermelon. The newer flavors include: black cherry, kiwi berry and tangeri... Read More »

What in the world is "Natural Flavors"?

I recently read an article that mentioned that the musk gland of some animal was used to give some fruit products and soda's (raspberry was mentioned) a slightly musky taste. Unfortunately, this p... Read More »

How big was the world's largest sheet of bubble wrap?

The world's largest sheet of bubble wrap measures 600 square feet. It is a 300-foot strip that is two feet wide, manufactured by the multi-national corporation, Pregis. There are no official world... Read More »

My favorite flavors are, chocolate and steak. What flavors are yours?

Funny you should ask! Fried Green Tomatoes, Cucumbers in Vinegar, and Sauerkraut & Winnies...Steak and white chocolate work, too.