How many flavors of Altoid gum are there?

Answer Wrigley, a subsidiary company of Mars, Incorporated, produces six flavors of the Altoid brand of sugar-free gum as of 2010. Altoid chewing gum flavors include sour apple, sour cherry, peppermint, s... Read More »

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My favorite flavors are, chocolate and steak. What flavors are yours?

Funny you should ask! Fried Green Tomatoes, Cucumbers in Vinegar, and Sauerkraut & Winnies...Steak and white chocolate work, too.

Projects With Altoid Tins?

Altoids tins make great foundations for all kinds of projects. If you're arty and creative, you can decorate those little boxes to make cute keepsakes or to help organize those small items that alw... Read More »

How to Use Altoid Tins As Cases for Electronics?

Altoid tins make great cases and chassis for electronics and ham radio projects but they are hard to cut as the metal tends to tear easily. A simple way is to freeze water in the tin, and then do t... Read More »

Can snorting an Altoid give you brain damage?

Your nasal (or sinus) passages are directly connected to your mouth/throat and esophagus, but they are not connected to your brain. I would imagine the worst thing you would have to worry about fro... Read More »