How many flavors does Starburst jelly beans have?

Answer Starburst Original jelly beans have six flavors: cherry, grape, green apple, lemon, orange and strawberry. The Sours Starburst jelly beans have six flavors as well: sour blue raspberry, sour cherry... Read More »

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How many flavors of ice cream does Baskin-Robbins have?

Baskin-Robbins features 21 classic flavors of hard ice cream year-round. Additionally, 12 seasonal flavors are available during certain times of the year, and 15 regional flavors are only served in... Read More »

Does Skoal dip pouches have wintergreen as one of their flavors?

How tall a pot does a patio pepper plant have to have?

The pot should be about double the size of the plant and if the roots are long then you can put the plant in a deeper pot or you can trim the roots. Repot when the plant begins to outgrow the pot ... Read More »

What does Dr. Pepper have a PhD in?

if its Dr. Pepper Schwartz, she has a phd in sociology, if your talking about the soda Dr.Pepper, they have a phd in diabetes.