How many flags has the USA had?

Answer From 1777 through 2010 the United States has had 27 different flags. The United States first began using the current design with 50 stars on July 4, 1960 after the addition of Hawaii as its 50th s... Read More »

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How many six flags are there in america?

There use to be a lot more than there currently is... They've sold 3-4 that i know of and let's not for SixFlags New Orleans (or SF Atlantis, refering to katrinia flooding it and killing the park.)

How many flags has the United States had?

There have been 27 flags of the United States. The first was created in 1777 with 13 stars and 13 stripes representing the original 13 states. The United States flag added more stars as it added mo... Read More »

How many country flags have stars?

The CIA World Factbook lists 83 countries with stars in their respective flag descriptions. The most common star appearing in flags is a five-point star. Some flags have stars with as many as 14 po... Read More »

How many flags are on the World Series trophy?

The trophy awarded to the winner of Major League Baseball's World Series is called the Commissioner's Trophy. The trophy features 30 flags. These flags represent the 30 teams that compete in the N... Read More »