How many fish are required for fish farming?

Answer No set number of fish is legally required for fish farming. The number of fish depends on what type of fish you plan to farm and why you're farming them. The Missouri Department of Conservation rec... Read More »

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How many fish can live in a 55-gallon freshwater fish tank?

On One Hand: Fit One Inch of Fish Per GallonThe usual advice for the number of fish that can fit in an aquarium is one gallon per inch of fish. So, a 55-gallon tank would fit 55 fish that are one i... Read More »

Effects of Fish Farming?

More than 40 percent of imported seafood is produced on fish farms. While fish farming can provide significant nutrition and health benefits for consumers worldwide, its negative impacts can be sev... Read More »

Negatives of Fish Farming?

With worldwide seafood consumption rising steadily and wild fish populations shrinking, fish farming is the only way to keep up with demand for seafood, according to the Environmental Defense Fund.... Read More »

Fish Farming for the Homestead?

If you want healthy fish to feed your family or want to raise fish to sell, the best results will be achieved with your own fish pond. Ensure that you build the best possible fish pond in the best ... Read More »