How many feet is 5 cu ft refrigerator?

Answer Answer Imagine 5 cubes, each 1 foot wide, 1 foot long and 1 foot high. Rough view would be a space 1 foot wide, 1 foot tall and 5 feet long.

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How many cubic feet is a whirlpool refrigerator?

Whirlpool produces refrigerators in many sizes. As of June 2010, the largest models were the side-by side and freezer-on bottom models, which ranged in size from 17.7 to 25 cubic feet for a side-by... Read More »

How many cubic feet is your refrigerator if it is 65.6 high 29.6 wide and 30.8 deep?

The questioner may be measuring in inches and, if so, the "outside" or "gross" volume of the case is: (65.6 x 29.6 x 30.8) / (12 x 12 x 12) = 34.61 cubic feet. However that figure is much bigger t... Read More »

How many cubic feet is the Kenmore Refrigerator Model Number 363.68282890?

the 3rd number after the period indicates a 2; so has to be 22 cubic feet.

Can you tell how many cubic feet your refrigerator is by the model number?

No where did you get a crazy idea like that Type the brand and model number in a search engine and your model may show up with the specifications within a page or two. like: Kemore XXXXXXXX Fridge