How many feet is 1.5 meters equal to?

Answer There are about 4.92 feet in 1.5 meters. Feet and meters are units used to measure distance. In each meter, there are about 3.28 feet, so you must multiply 1.5 by 3.28 to convert 1.5 meters to feet... Read More »

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How many feet does 25 meters equal?

One meter is equal to 3.2808399 feet. To find how many feet are in 25 meters, you would multiply 25 by 3.2808399, and your answer would be 82.0209 ft.References:Meters (m) to Feet (ft)Resources:Met... Read More »

How many feet does 413 meters equal?

In order to convert from meters to feet, you multiply the meters by 3.281, since there are 3.281 feet in every meter. Therefore, 413 meters would equal 1,355.053 feet. The meter is a metric unit, w... Read More »

How many feet does 328 meters equal?

When converting from the metric to the English system, 328 m equates to 1,076.115 feet or 1,076 feet and 1.38 inches. One meter equals 3.28083 feet, or 3 feet and 3.37 inches.References:Metric-Conv... Read More »

10 meters is equal to how many feet?

There are 3.28 feet in a meter, according to Web Math. Multiplying 10 meters by 3.28 gives you an answer of 32.8 feet. This conversion rate applies to all but one use. When dealing with geodetic su... Read More »