What is the length of a league in feet or meters?

Answer The league is a distance measurement that has fallen into disuse throughout the world. It measures 3 statute miles on land or 3 nautical miles at sea. One league on land equates to 4,828 meters or ... Read More »

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How many square feet are in a little league baseball field?

The distance to the outfield fence is not specified, but 200 to 300 feet is recommended by the Little League, giving an area of approximately 30,000 to 70,000 square feet for a field shaped like a ... Read More »

What is the cubic feet of a room that is 12 feet long 8 feet wide and 8 feet high?

Answer Cubic feet is calculated by length X width X height. So a room with: length = 12 ft. width = 8 ft. height = 8 ft. would be: 768 ft.^3 or in English 178 cubic feet

How many gallons are in a pool 18 feet x 38 feet that is 8.5 feet in the deep end and 3 feet in the shallow end?

Answer assuming the pool has no filleted corners and a straight slope of the 3 feet to the 8.5 feet level with no level off and the pool is filled to the brim, my calculations indicate that the ve... Read More »

How do you calculate the cubic feet of a room that is 10 feet by 12 feet by 8 feet high?

Answer Wouldn't that be 6 times 11.5 times 8 = 552 cubic feet.You need to measure the length and width of the room. Using a retractable measuring tape, or laser measuring tool, measure the room fro... Read More »