How many feathers does the average turkey have?

Answer Mature turkeys have about 3,500 feathers and weigh 15 to 30 pounds, depending on whether the turkey is a hen or a tom. Turkey feathers are ground up for animal feed and fertilizer, and can also be ... Read More »

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What is the average number of feathers on a tom turkey?

According to ImmunoCap, a mature turkey has approximately 3500 feathers. Adult turkeys have a fanned feather display similar to that of the peacock, though the turkey's colors are far less vibrant.... Read More »

How many feathers does a turkey have at maturity?

According to ImmunoCAP, a mature adult turkey has about 3,500 feathers. These feathers cover all parts of the turkey except the head and neck. Tom Turkeys are known for a tail feather arrangement o... Read More »

How many tail feathers does a turkey have?

Turkeys have 18 tail feathers. Each of these feathers is 12 to 15 inches long. Male turkeys, also called toms, display their feathers--called a fan--as a means of attracting a mate.References:Texas... Read More »

About how many feathers does a mature turkey have?

Though the exact number varies based on size and gender, most mature adult turkeys have approximately 3,500 feathers on their bodies. Turkeys have a fan-like tail of larger feathers, and their head... Read More »