How many fat grams are needed for health?

Answer The United States Department of Agricultural recommends a daily intake of between 20 and 40 grams of fat, depending on age, gender and other factors. Talk to your doctor to determine your exact req... Read More »

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What is needed for a home health care business?

The home health care industry is growing as the population of elderly citizens grows. Cost containment resulting in early discharge of patients from hospitals is influencing growth. Medical progres... Read More »

How much biotin is needed for optimal hair health?

On One Hand: The Body Needs Minimal AmountsA normal daily biotin intake for teens and adults is 30 to 100 micrograms a day, says Infants and children need between 10 and 30 microgra... Read More »

How can you get needed surgery in North Dakota if you have no health insurance?

Answer I don't know specifics about N Dakota, but look into state benefits. If this isn't an option, then talk to different doctors or hosipitals about payment plans. There are plenty of hospital... Read More »

Is a home health aide certificate needed in texas?

Although there are no certification requirements for home health aides in Texas, licensed agencies must train home health aides to maintain licensing. Training includes a competency exam, as well a... Read More »