How many fat grams are in an Egg McMuffin?

Answer The Egg McMuffin is a breakfast item served at McDonald's. It consists of an English muffin, one egg, a slice of cheese and a slice of Canadian bacon. The Egg McMuffin contains 12 grams of fat. It ... Read More »

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Is 126 grams of sugar (28 of those grams are from fruit) a lot to have in one day if you are very active?

Instead of focusing on sugar (one ingredient among many) I would refocus to push out every last bit of ADDED or processed sugar you can from your diet. How do you tell the difference? Well, an appl... Read More »

Egg Mcmuffin at to make home?

I worked at mcdonalds FOREVER.. Which comes in handy in a situation like this.. Take a tuna can and drain tuna save it if you want it and then cut the other end off the tuna can. Rinse it and take ... Read More »

How many grams of sugar should you be consuming per 100 grams?

Answer It all depends on what the food/drink is. If it is anything containing real fruit or contains a natural (meaning from a fruit) sugar you can have as much as you want. If it is something else... Read More »

How mch is an egg mcmuffin and cinnamin melt in mcdonalds in miami?

Five dollars should buy both of them for you