Who are the majority of Miley Cyrus fans?

Answer Girls 9-15

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Who fans are Meaner MJ fanatics , Little Monsters, Miley Cyrus's, or the Beliebers?

There's a lot of mean fans for every celebrity but from what I seen on the internet, Gaga zombie fans (I call those who follow her blindly zombies btw so it's not all of her fans) are the cruelest ... Read More »

If you were Miley Cyrus!?

lmao i would make her the WORST role model for a day and run butt naked down the street to make sure she gets arrseted =)I know I am soo smart!!!

Do i look like Miley Cyrus?

seeing as how thats obviously a picture of miley cyrus and not you, yeah you guys are identicle. p.s. perez hilton had that on his site. nice try though.

How to Look like Miley Cyrus?

Miley is an international icon. She is the fashion idol for many American teens. She is pretty with a cute girl next door look while still being very fashionable. Use her look to inspire yours. Wit... Read More »