How many exemptions can I claim on my W-2?

Answer W-2 forms are information statements compiled by your employer and sent to you and the government to report your earnings--they are not forms you complete to report your exemption status. Instead, ... Read More »

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How Many Exemptions Should I Claim on My Taxes?

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Rumors exist about many countries and places, but is Australia as racist as many claim?

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How to Calculate Exemptions?

When filing your federal income tax return, you supply your name, your spouse's name and related Social Security numbers in the first section of Form 1040. You also supply the name, Social Security... Read More »

Tax Withholding: Number of Exemptions?

Out of every paycheck comes taxes, with federal withholding being one of them. While you can't do anything to adjust the amounts for the Social Security or Medicare payments, you do have the option... Read More »