How many euphemisms can you think of that relate to "Spankin' the monkey"?

Answer Pulling the skinball plungerPlaying the "bag" pipePracticing the Skin FlueWaxing the turtlePolishing the helmetFlogging the dolphinStretching the taffyMaking the cobra spitChoking the chickenShakin... Read More »

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What Are Microbes That Relate to Science?

French scientist Charles Sedillot created the term "microbe" to describe a living organism that requires magnification with a microscope to be visible. These organisms are not visible to the naked ... Read More »

Science Projects That Relate to Real Life?

A science project involves a hypothesis that asks a question then attempts to answer it through an experiment. Once you've done the experiment, you should not only have the answer to the question, ... Read More »

What are some songs that relate to neglect?

Do you know any "i" words that relate with fish?

icefish ide ilisha inanga inconnu Indian mullet iniom