How many euphemisms can you think of that relate to "Spankin' the monkey"?

Answer Pulling the skinball plungerPlaying the "bag" pipePracticing the Skin FlueWaxing the turtlePolishing the helmetFlogging the dolphinStretching the taffyMaking the cobra spitChoking the chickenShakin... Read More »

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Who came up with and why brann spankin new?

Yes it will, but it will not support 3G. It works on the Edge network just fine.

If i get a brand-spankin new computer will the internet work on it?

It will work. You just need to hook all the components up. I'm assuming your signed up for internet service.

How to Relate?

Relating is not just talking to others. It involves an emotional process where we go about knowing others and being known by others. Much of how we relate also depends on how others perceive us and... Read More »

How to Relate to Someone?

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