Are there Eskimos in Switzerland?

Answer Yes

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Preschool Activities About Eskimos?

The Eskimo people live across the polar regions of the world, and in North America are found in Alaska and Canada. The two main Eskimo peoples are the Yupik and Inuit. Preschoolers will enjoy lear... Read More »

What did Eskimos use for igloo windows?

Eskimos used clear, fresh water ice blocks or a piece of translucent animal intestine for windows in their igloos. The windows let in light, yet kept out the cold. Igloo windows made it possible fo... Read More »

How do Eskimos seal the igloo?

Eskimos, or Inuit, seal the igloo by packing snow into the cracks and smoothing them by hand.Angled and SmoothedLarge blocks of ice are cut by saw. Each block is smoothed so that there are no nicks... Read More »

Why dont eskimos get heart disease?

The fish they eat is the reason. They have less heart attack (clotting of blood vessels of the heart). But their women have more bleeding instead.