How many many episodes have there been of supernatural season 5 so far?

Answer episode 10 just aired last week (nov 19) but the next ep will not air until Jan 21. time for the waiting game =(

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How many episodes are in a season?

the amount of episodes in a season very, usually there are around 15

How many episodes are in season 5 in supernatural?

If they stay consistant, there should be 22. They just aired ep 10 last Thursday nov 19, but the new eps will not continue until Jan 21.

How many episodes in mash season 11?

How many episodes to season 5 of supernatural?

It depends what scene you're referring to. The love scene with Sam and Madison is the song Look At You by Screaming Trees. The song at the end of the episode is Silent Lucidity by Queensryche. :)