How many episodes in each season of kyle xy?

Answer Well i'm not sure but i do know that in each of the 3 seasons there r not the same amount of episodes. I should warn u that at the end of the 3rd and last season of kyle xy there is a huge cliff ha... Read More »

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When is South of Nowhere season 3 coming out on DVD?

The date is still unknown, but you are now able to preorder it on amazon.

Did Prison Break seem like the actual plot had actually ended at the end of Season 2 and the plots for Season 3 and 4 each were just additional incidents to keep the series going?

What the show had started over was finally cleared up, but the producers came up with a way to continue it by having Michael Scofield end up in another prison for Season 3 and had all the character... Read More »

How many games does each baseball team play each season?

Major League Baseball teams play 162 games per season (beginning in April and lasting until September or October). Prior to the 1961 season, Major League teams played only 154 games. Neither of the... Read More »

How many episodes in BBC the cut series 1?