How many engineering colleges are in Tamil Nadu?

Answer There are several hundred engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu. There are 28 states in India and Tamil Nadu offers the most variety to any student seeking an engineering degree. In each region of Tam... Read More »

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How to Prepare Rasam in Tamil Nadu Style?

Rasam plays important role in south Indian feast. There are wide variety of rasam is available in southern states of India. It improves digestion because of its all main ingredients are having good... Read More »

How to Make Upma Tamil Nadu Style?

Upma Kadamba style.Upma (pronounced oop-maa) is a traditional Indian dish served mainly during breakfast. Upma is served and eaten all over the Indian subcontinent with regional variations on flavo... Read More »

I want to know the comparison of keral food and tamil nadu foods?

Simple, Keralites use coconut milk, coconut oil, coconut gratings for curries whereas tamils use moong dal and coriander powder for everything. Keralites also use lot of jeera while Tamils use kada... Read More »

Visitors to NASA during December 2008 from Tamil nadu India?

They have beepers on them that can be tracked. The recovery team also tracks them on radar and visually as they fall into the sea.