How many employees does Sprint have?

Answer In 2009 Sprint Nextel employed 56,202 people. Sprint Nextel, part of the telecommunications industry, was founded in 1899 by Cleyson Brown and is now run by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Daniel Hes... Read More »

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How many employees did sprint have in 2009?

Sprint and Nextel merged in 2005 to form Sprint Nextel. According to the company's 10-K filing, Sprint Nextel had approximately 40,000 employees as of December 31, 2009. The company is the third-la... Read More »

Are bank employees federal employees?

Are Amtrak employees government employees?

Amtrak workers are not government employees. Amtrak is a privately owned corporation with its own employees, although it receives heavy subsidies from the government. Congress votes on its funding ... Read More »

If I switch my sprint number to another sprint phone how much will it cost me to transfer my number to another?

Just take your sim card out of the old phone and put it in the new