How many emails do you read a day?

Answer Way too many!!When you consider work emails, home emails, and misc emails on two other sites to keep track of, it's just too much.But hey, every now and then, you get one, maybe from a friend, mayb... Read More »

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How do I Read Emails Online?

Free Email AccountsVisit your email service provider's website. Enter your "Username" or "Email Address" and "Password." Click the "Log In" or "Sign In" option. Click on the "Inbox" to begin readin... Read More »

Do employers have the right to read emails you write while at work?

According to workplace privacy lawsuits, the employer has the right to read and review all content sent via work email. All emails sent from or to you can be monitored. However, a New Jersey Suprem... Read More »

How do I read Microsoft Outlook Express emails?

Launch Outlook Express. Click once on the email that you want to read and it will be displayed in the bottom pane of the program. Double-click on an email to open it in a separate window.

If I'm using the internet at work can they read my emails I'm sending and recieving?

Definitely! I think that if you're doing work on a server, then they can monitor your every move. I usually leave my personal internet/e-mail business for whenever I get home, and if the messages... Read More »