How many email accounts can you have in an address book?

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How to Create Several Accounts off One Email Address?

Just one email account may be fine for many people, but there are certain advantages to having multiple accounts. Separate email accounts can help keep personal emails separate from inter-office me... Read More »

What is an email address book?

An email address book is a database of names, email addresses, street addresses, and phone numbers maintained for the purpose of composing and sending email to people over the Internet. Having an ... Read More »

How to Import an Address Book Into Email?

Continually entering an address book into various Internet applications can become tedious, unless you know how to use the import and export function available on most popular email services. The p... Read More »

How to Back Up Your Email Address Book?

Create a backup of your email address book to protect your valuable contact information in case you should have to reformat your computer or your hard drive crashes. Windows includes the Backup And... Read More »