What is stainless steel on the perodic table?

Answer Stainless steel is an alloy, a combination of two or more base elements. Steel contains iron and carbon, but it is the addition of chromium that makes it stainless and corrosion resistant. Other el... Read More »

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How many elements are there in VPN protection service?

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How Many Kinds of Table Settings Are There?

Whether a meal is a quaint gathering for two or an assembly of people at a function, there's a proper place setting to complement the serving of food. Place settings can be simple or complicated, b... Read More »

How many periods are there in the modern periodic table?

The periodic table is split into periods, which are determined by the number of atomic orbits in an element. Each row of the table is considered a period. The top row has 1 atomic orbit, the second... Read More »

Who invented the table of elements?

The periodic table of elements was invented by Dimitri Mendeleev. It was published in his "Principles of Chemistry" in 1869 and arranged 63 known atoms based on their atomic mass.References:Chemist... Read More »