How many electrons does gadolinium have?

Answer Gadolinium has 64 electrons. Used in magnets, it is mined in the US, Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, Australia and China. It can also be alloyed to iron and chromium for better workability and resistance... Read More »

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Where does gadolinium come from?

Gadolinium is a rare earth metal obtained from the minerals monazite or bastnasite. Trace amounts can also be obtained from the mineral gadolinite. On the periodic table, its symbol is Gd.Source:Lo... Read More »

When is gadolinium used?

Gadolinium was discovered in the 1880s, but it was not used in any products until recently, according to Vector Vision. Gadolinium is a naturally occurring element found in bastnasite and monazite.... Read More »

How much does gadolinium cost?

As of November 2009, gadolinium costs $485 per kilogram. It is a rare earth metal that is silvery-white and strongly magnetic at room temperature. The natural version is a mixture of 7 isotopes, th... Read More »

Is there gallium in gadolinium?

Gallium and gadolinium are two different elements. A pure gadolinium sample would have no gallium in it (and vice versa). The elements are distinguishable by atomic number; gallium has an atomic nu... Read More »