How many electrons can carbon share?

Answer Carbon has six electrons; two are in the inner orbit, and four are in the outer orbit. All four electrons in the outer shell are available for sharing, and the carbon atom can accept up to four add... Read More »

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How many protons, neutrons, and electrons does carbon have?

Because carbon has six protons its atomic number is six. Pure carbon in its neutral state has six electrons because the negative charge of each electron balances out the positive charge of each pro... Read More »

How many atoms can carbon share?

Because carbon atoms have four valence electrons in their outer shells, each carbon atom can form up to four covalent bonds. Those bonds may be either single, double or triple in nature.Source:"Gle... Read More »

Can carbon water filters cause carbon monoxide?

A carbon filter is made of coal that water passes through, which traps the particles and clean water is deposited in the glass. Carbon dioxide is not created because there are no chemical reactions... Read More »

Are carbon arrows made of carbon?

Carbon arrows do contain carbon, but different types contain different amounts. For example, hybrid carbon arrows contain both carbon and aluminum. Cross-weave arrows contain alternating layers of ... Read More »