How many electrons are in the 4p orbitals of vanadium?

Answer There are no electrons in the 4p orbitals of vanadium [23V]. The correct abbreviated orbital configuration is [Ar]4s^23d^3.SourceSublevels & Orbital

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How many d-orbitals have n=3?

When the quantum number (or level) n=3, there is one 3s subshell, three 3p subshells and five 3d subshells. So, five d-orbitals have n=3, just as five have n=4, 5, 6 or 7.References:Doc Brown's Che... Read More »

How many orbitals do atoms have?

The number of atom orbitals correlates with the atom's electrons, and electrons correlate with the atom's number on the periodic table. For example, a hydrogen atom will always have just one orbita... Read More »

How many orbitals does nitrogen have?

Nitrogen, number seven on the periodic chart of elements, has a total of seven electrons and three orbitals. There are two paired electron orbitals, and the third is three unpaired electrons.Source... Read More »

How many protons are in vanadium?

Vanadium is a metallic substance that is also an important trace mineral in biological systems. With an atomic number of 23, each atom of vanadium contains 23 protons and electrons, as well as 28 n... Read More »